Inspires to learn.More.

Tomorrow’s leaders will need a global vision and mind set,and the confidence to adopt new ideas. At PES Kovilakam, we offer students an education that goes beyond grades,and prepares them to achieve to more than they thought possible. At PES Kovilakam HSS,students are taught to thrive in a world that is rapidly changing.

Beyond tradition, beyond borders.

Our approach to teaching goes beyond the tradition, building the character and confidence required to achieve impressive unique future.

Our approach to learning built on one core belief:we can help your child achieve more. We embrace  innovative approaches to ensure that your child thrives as a student and as a global citizen. We take the time to discover their passions, and tap into their strengths. Our flexible approach to learning allows them to adapt to each student’s needs. We nurture confident, creative global students with a thirst for knowledge and the vision to change the world for the better. Our results are consistently higher than the national averages.

Inherited passion to impart.

We have the global scale to recruit and retain renowned educators with a passion for teaching. In fact our teachers never stop learning. Collaboration with education leaders across all levels and beyond borders,b ring the best learning techniques into our class rooms. Further, we invariably allow our teachers to pursue professional development opportunities.

Nurture them natuarally.

We help your child to attain more. We offer world class teaching and unique opportunities that help students gain exceptional grades, and develop strong values and ambitions.  PES Kovilakam HSS offers a premium global education that nurtures success.

Our educational approach enables every student to reach high levels of academic and social success. We provide rigourous and compelling curricula which are respected by the renowned and encourages critical thinking,team work and leadership.

World beckons.

By encouraging your child to think ambitiously, independently and innovatively we prepare them to take advantage of emerging career paths or to forge their own. PES Kovilakam HSS students are motivated to see the world beyond their door steps. Our intensive and integrated campus programmes connect your child to fellow students from across India.Our expeditions inspire them to collaborate and explore new cultures and surroundings.

The sense of belonging.

At PES Kovilakam HSS,we want our students, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome as though they have always belonged on our campus. Fostering this sense of belonging and culture of kindness comes from hiring and training and retaining the right mix of people who are extremely talented at what they do and are committed to developing a positive school environment.


To provide our students with an intensive and integrated learning experience within a multi cultural community and with life long learning skills, to face the changes as responsible citizens, through exploring environments that enable them to realize their optimum potential.

At PES Kovilakam HSS,we believe:

# Individual Values are based on personal integrity and behaving with respect towards others.

# Our sense of community and friendship is founded on humanity, empathy, commitment and inclusion.

# Life long learning is built upon curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking.

# A global perspective and environmental and social responsibility are essential to becoming true world citizen.

# All members of our society strive for balance and understand that striving for one’s personal best should be enjoyable.


To provide a  quality environment, holistic in its approach which inspires our children’s natural curiosity, their intrinsic desire for life long learning and their innate ability to be the citizens who better our world.