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Welcome to PES Kovilakam HSS. It’s a fertile ground for students’ whole personal development. We take pride in our fine record of academic brilliance, various platforms to provide meaningful opportunities to our students to explore their strengths and potentials, and is caring and embracing school culture.

We provide an environment that teaches students to value all people and treat them with respect. We are one who try to find the inborn potential of our students. The teachers in our school will instruct and inspires our students in a highest level. We are engaging all students in partnership with family and community to become informed, compassionate, global citizens.


“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts”

We are enriched by a team of highly motivated and qualified teachers.Students are encouraged to learn earnestly and achieve new frontiers as well as be self directed life long learners with critical thinking abilities, along with strong communication and collaboration skills with others in the learning process.

At PES Kovilakam, we have developed a tailor made school based curriculum that encourages assessment for learning and showcases students’ learning outcomes to equip them with future skills and attitude which helps shape them learning curiosity.

With numerous activities and opportunities embedded in school life, our students are encouraged to unveil and stretch the strengths and unique potentials endowed by nature. Our students are given opportunities to engage in a broad range of cultural,l eadership and service _learning education,as we are nurturing our students global perspectives and out look for them to get prepared for the changing world.

We promote a respectful culture ,as we believe that a positive, caring and fulfilling culture will give students the opportunity to flourish and excel. Our parents and alumni are our closest allies who provide endless support to the school development and students well being.

Solemnised values are instilled in our students, so that all our students will graduate as healthy and competent individuals, both in mind and body.


To provide our students with an intensive and integrated learning experience within a multi cultural community and with life long learning skills, to face the changes as responsible citizens, through exploring environments that enable them to realize their optimum potential.


To provide a  quality environment, holistic in its approach which inspires our children’s natural curiosity, their intrinsic desire for life long learning and their innate ability to be the citizens who better our world.


P.E.S kovilakam future projects are, Parappanad kovilakam museum, Tourism Club, Digitalized library, and Play school.


PES Kovilakam School Parappanangadi students expiriment

Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular activities invariably strengthen the mind to promoting better time management skills and help students succeed in much more than their academic endeavours. These activities can also work to build professional skills that a class room alone cannot always foster.

Further, participation in extra curricular activities is also a means to to enhance the self confidence and ethics of students. At the same time they learn the values of sportsmanship, co  operation, leadership and meticulousness,which will be beneficial to them in the long run.

PES Kovilakam School Parappanangadi Robotics for stuents

Co Curricular

According to the theories by great literates, it has proved that, to a great extent the theoretical knowledge is magnified when a co curriculum activity kindred to the content taught, is catalogued. The underlying and the guiding of students development like character building, spiritual and moral values, physical growth, creativity and many more are backed by these activities in school.

These activities helps the students to explore, evacuate, evaluate and exhort the abilities, strenghts and short comings. They provide an initiatory knowledge and basic training for some future vocations in life. Also to self help and maintain a proper co-ordination among head, heart, hand and health.

PES Kovilakam School Parappanangadi Classroom

Our Team Management

You are in good company..

Each member of our Management Team is a specialist, in his or her field. And all collectively enjoy an inherited passion for learning and teaching. Together,we make sure future of your children are secured, while transforming them to better individuals. At PES Kovilakam HSS,we convert students intent into action by executing result oriented programmes in school environment. We do this by being integrated,specialist and scaled. This has been our heritage since 2006,and this is where lead the school.

As the core team, we communicate openly, sharing our thoughts, opinions and ideas with each member. We agree on and set team goals based on outcomes and results,r ather than just on the amount of work being done.

We feel the sense of belonging, and each member of the team contributes to the common cause, and care about the success of the school. Further, we build a positive relationship that makes environment relaxed and optimise results.

Our Faculties

Trained,Talented & Retained.

A committed faculty can make a world of difference in a student’s life, impacting everything from their class room learning to their long term success.In fact , Faculties are the single most important factor that contributes to student achievement in the class room, more than facilities, resources and school leadership. Our faculties are strong communicators, with an intensive passion for teaching. Further,t hey are effective collaborators, very adaptable in a constantly evolving environment. They adjust their teaching methods based on the age of their students,t he resources available and changing curriculum, practises and requirements.

They engage students with humour, creative lessons and strong class room presence. Our faculties treat each student as an individual, by being empathetic and understanding to what may be going on in their lives. Our faculties are trained and talented and here to stay to change the life and times your children,to better.