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Spacious and well stocked with periodicals, news papers and an array of literary works covering both fiction and non fiction. These have been selected for the informative, educational and entertainment values.

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To encourage student interest in programs of physical education, a range of sports facilities are available that include basketball and badminton provision, cricket nets, tennis court and a well maintained football court.

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Art Room

We possess a specialised creative Room with internet access where students are encouraged to explore their creative skills and show case their creative expressions to the more lucrative outer world.

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Multi Purpose

We have a multi purpose Hall designed for all major school functions. This multi purpose Hall provides an ideal space for school events,production, minor games and internal school activities.

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We have a sophisticated cafeteria, that offers a wide range of healthy snacks and beverages served throughout the day and with maintaining highly hygienic standards.

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We provide an efficient transport system of our own, manned well trained ,well mannered and punctual staff.Our transport net work covers all over parappanangadi and beyond,to facilitate pick up and drop off of students.

PES Kovilakam School Parappanangadi

Perfection that crosses the ordinary

Better facilities in school can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. With respect to teachers school facilities affect teacher recruitment, retention, commitment and effort. With respect to students, school facilities affect health, behaviour, engagement, learning and growth in achievement.

At PES Kovilakam HSS, we have a well equipped range of facilities and resources for all students from K G to plus 2,to help them achieve a well rounded education in a student friendly atmosphere. It is our vision that each student enjoys their years of education and reach their maximum potential.



To meet the requirements of students of all levels, we have a science Lab of exceptional value and infra. Our quality attached Lab ensures safe learning experience in a vast and distinct ambience, in concurrence with the prescribed norms.