World-renowned partnerships to help Oakridgers prepare for beyond 21st-century skills

Today, we observe a massive change in the current education than a decade ago. With the fast-pacing changing world, it has become so much important for our children to get ready for the present and future. The new learning methodologies are all about it. One example, that Oakridge International Schools encourage, is collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning is an approach that helps bridging cultures. It makes students come together from various backgrounds, races, and upbringing to learn from each other. The best learning happens that way, when children are actively involved in one common goal and work together to solve a given problem.

Providing opportunities for students to develop skills and meet the needs of a changing world, Oakridge International School offers exclusive educational programs with world-renowned partnerships such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). These finely crafted programs give Oakridgers access to the learning methodology of the world’s leading educators.

With MIT collaboration, our school has gained an opportunity to expand the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) education for our students. Its interdisciplinary approach to the program develops connections between subjects to enhance the learning experience. Participants are engaged in MIT style of learning with hands-on activities that are increasingly complex, which include an array of in-school challenges focusing on the five STEAM disciplines, including bio engineering, robotics, and computer coding.


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